GAFilk 2017: January 6 thru 8, Atlanta, Georgia. "Strangers No More, We Sing!"
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Pegasus Awards

Welcome to GAFilk 2017!

Guest of Honor

Kristoph Klover & Margaret Davis

More information coming soon!


Myra Hunter

More information coming soon!

Interfilk Guest

Peter Westhead

A second generation geek and con-goer, Peter has been attending filk cons almost since they began in the UK, attending his first in the early '90s (before he was 10). He began writing songs not long after, and rumour has it that some of his first are still held over him for future blackmail purposes. He has not yet been able to destroy the evidence but is optimistic that there is still time. He plays a variety of different instruments, all for given values of 'plays' including harp, mandolin, guitar and bagpipes. Outside of filk he is a keen board-gamer, LARPer, and crafter, making leatherwork and metal armour.

ConCom's Choice

To Be Announced

Super Secret Guest

We're Not Tellin'!

Super Secret GuestSorry, you'll have to wait until December 1, 2017 to find out who our awesome Super Secret Guest is going to be!







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