GAFilk 2019: January 11 thru 13, Atlanta, Georgia. "Strangers No More, We Sing!"
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Pegasus Awards

Welcome to GAFilk 2019!

Guest of Honor

Carla Ulbrich

Carla Ulbrich (image)Carla Ulbrich is a comical singer-songwriter and guitarist whose biggest musical influences were (and still are) Sesame Street, camp songs, and cat food commercials. She has a love of the absurdities of ordinary life, a somewhat twisted viewpoint, and a way with words.

Her songs cover topics from the mundane to insane: Waffle House, Klingons, psycho exes, how rich she would be if she had a copyright on the F Word...

Carla's 6 indie CDs have been featured on the BBC, Dr. Demento, Sirius XM Radio, Pandora, NPR’s Morning Edition and the documentary "F*CK" (movie about the "F word").

She also appeared in "Sharknado 2" (as a human) and once opened for Twiggy the Water-Skiing Squirrel.

Carla has been performing since the late 90s, playing in venues small and smaller, from the Avalon Clothing Optional Folk Festival (took the clothing option) to MENSA to DragonCon to the Bluebird Cafe.

Carla first found filk at Gafilk in 2001.

She is a past winner of the Logan Comedy Music Award (parody), South Florida Folk Festival Songwriting Contest (best upbeat, best overall), Mid-Atlantic Song Contest (open category), Walnut Valley Music Festival Song Contest (humorous), and Just Plain Folks Music Award (comedy), and has been nominated at least twice for a Pegasus.

Carla has appeared as a musical guest on the TV shows "The Revolution" (canceled) and "Up All Night with Rhonda" (canceled). Walk, don't run, and look both ways before crossing, then go hear Carla before the venue she is playing in closes up shop.

“Perhaps the Northeast's funniest interpreter of human foibles” - Richard Cuccaro, Acoustic Live!

"I LOVE Carla's songwriting- smart, funny, and insightful.” – Christine Lavin


Joe Giacoio

Joe Giacoio imageAs a young child in the Bronx, Joe Giacoio was abandoned in a music store and raised by a pack of acoustical guitars. This explains a lot.

Joe has won awards for his strange guitar playing and even stranger songwriting. Crossroads Magazine writes, "Some people seem to have the ability to create music that is at the same time funny, serious and incredibly clever. Joe Giacoio is one of those people."

Despite popular demand Joe has just released a third album entitled "I Love Hamburgers", featuring players who have performed with Johnny Cash, George Jones, and Bob Dylan. Clearly times are hard for session musicians these days.

Joe's online man cave is

Interfilk Guest

Jared Walker

Jared Walker imageThese bios often start with the phrase, “I’ve known this person since….”. Well, in this case I am uniquely qualified – I’ve known Jared longer than anyone else on the planet, mainly because I actually gave birth to him.

He arrived in the world with his character fully formed and in place, much the way you’ll experience him this weekend – stubborn, good natured and utterly in love with music. He was a filker from before birth – most kids love the lullabies and tunes that they experience whilst in the womb. Jared? The only thing that would calm him down was Julia Ecklar’s “Temper of Revenge”. He was once lulled off to sleep by a whole room of British filkers singing it full volume – they didn’t believe me when I told them it was his preferred lullaby. We showed them, eh, Jared?

Music has been a language that Jared learned early. He took years and years of violin lessons before finally admitting to me that he just hated fiddle. Poor chap – his ear was just too good, so he understood how truly dreadful he was, as opposed to his less musically-savvy peers who happily sawed away off-key until they learned to get better… After fiddle came voice lessons, which he did very well at, but just didn’t seem to scratch quite the right itch.

Finally, that stubborn streak showed itself whilst his father was away, and Jared’s ear was caught by a tune on guitar that he wanted to learn. So he stole his father’s guitar and “the rest is history” so they say. And when I say “the rest is history” I would like you to imagine a training montage (preferably with the soundtrack of “Temper of Revenge” in the background) of Jared teaching himself to play guitar. Your imagined montage should include bleeding fingers, a cheap auction green guitar called “Matilda”, and eventually using his student loan to buy a Taylor guitar that he plays to this day. He spent the rest of the student year eating plain pasta because he couldn’t afford anything else, but he had his guitar and that’s all that really mattered to him.

I know all teenagers think they have hard times, but Jared really did. And in the worst of times, the thing that never failed to comfort him was music and the love of this ragtag little community that he’s grown up in. His godparents are filkers, most of the people he called “Aunty and Uncle” are filkers, his adopted grandparents are filkers.

Jared is a filker.

He grew up sheltered by the shade of people like Dave Clement, and learned that there is no shame in playing songs you love if your own don’t always come easy. Much of what he will play this weekend will be songs that Jared loves and those that speak to him. From “The Hobbit” to the biting commentary of Passenger, he’ll hopefully show you some things that you haven’t heard before as well as favourites you’d forgotten, and he’ll present it in his own self-deprecating, big-hearted way.

He tells me, “You have to say this stuff, you’re my Mum”, but at the end of the day, the genetic link we share has nothing to do with my admiration of this person who plays from the heart, loves without question and gets to share it all with you this weekend.Ladies, chaps and gentlefilkers, I present to you one of the finest things I have ever done with my life: Jared Walker. ~ Annie Griffith

Super Secret Guest

Catherynne Valente and S.J. Tucker

Super Secret Guests: Catheryn Valiente and SJ TuckerLast year, fantasy author Catherynne Valente tried valiantly to travel from the snow-bound northeast to be our Super Secret Guest. We got her as far as New Jersey before admitting defeat, putting her up in a hotel, and sending her back home. We were all disappointed, but she agreed to try, try again this year. To sweeten the pot, we asked her if there was someone she'd like to join her as SSG, and she suggested the fabulously talented fantasy singer/songwriter S.J. Tucker. We did, Sooj accepted, life went on. A few months after last GAFilk, both SSGs found themselves expecting their first child. Both babies have arrived, both moms are healthy and happy, and both parents are bringing their bundles of joy with them to this year's GAFilk.

ConCom's Choice

Catherynne M. Valente

Because we have two Super Secret Guests this year, we decided to give Cat Valente the ConCom's Choice spot on the schedule. She's our Super Secret ConCom's Choice!


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